Al Majlis Lounge
صالة المجلس

Al Majlis VIP Terminal (DXB)

Our Al Majlis service embodies the meaning of a luxurious, sociable space, by providing a facility specially designed for our most prestigious customers.

Irrespective of your class of travel, Al Majlis eases your journey through the airport, speeding you through check-in, immigration and baggage clearance – even assisting with travel documentation – while you relax in our luxurious lounges.


The Al Majlis present operation and reservation is from the annex at Terminal 3 next to Exit 4 at departure level. The facility presently has 25 lounges (divided between terminal and concourses) and a dedicated immigration and police screening areas only for VIP who use the Al Majlis facility.


Al Majlis reservation service is available 24/7 and customers may request or cancel services or make amendments through email ( The reservation team consists of two reservation attendants and is responsible for promptly receiving and replying to all Al Majlis reservation related queries.

Although service requests may be made 24/7, a minimum of 24 hours lead time is required for all service requests. This is due the dedicated service and the pre-arrangements required. This would mean that service requests made for flight departures or arrivals within 24 hours will be refused.

Contact Details

Al Majlis service requests can be made through the following:



Telephone: 04-5045196 / 04-5045189 / 050-6243449 (duty officer mobile in charge)




  • Al Majlis has 25 VIP lounges, divided between Terminal 3 and concourses B, C and D, featuring flat screens and Wi-Fi zones.

  • Customised Al Majlis catering menu, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and beverages.

  • Dedicated BMW series 7 cars latest model transportation between the Al Majlis terminal and departure gates/ arriving flights.

  • Dedicated Dubai Duty Free outlet.

  • Convenient VIP parking and drop-off at the curbside for quick access.

  • Prayer rooms for men and women

  • Arrival/Departure/Transit at a VIP facility separate from the public terminals 

  • All travel formalities including check in, immigration, and baggage are handled by a personal assistant

  • Personal assistant for Duty Free shopping

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  • Adults: AED1,500 per passenger

  • Children under 12 years: AED500 per child

  • Children under 3 years: free of charge

  • A 5% VAT applies on the total reservation amount

  • AED 20 government fees IF & KDF (innovation & knowledge Dirham fees) on each passenger.



Payment must be made 24 hours prior to arrival/departure, otherwise your request will be automatically cancelled. Payment can be made in person at the Al Majlis counter (cash or credit card), or online booking and payment by credit card, and booking and payment by our newly installed kiosk at Al Majlis.

Online booking

Online reservation is the most preferred and convenient method to make a reservation for all Al Majlis customers. The Al Majlis website is accessible by visiting the Dubai Airports website. The booking takes only a few minutes and can be made with a membership number.

All booking requirements for services beyond 24 hours of the actual arrival or departure time requested through the Al Majlis online portal will receive an email acknowledgement. Reservation requests for services within 24 hours presently do not provide sufficient time to formalise all the requirements for the service and therefore may be rejected. Requests for service within 24 hours cannot be completed using the online portal.

All reservations made online will receive and auto-acknowledgement within 20 minutes of submission followed by a reservation status update email within one hour. The reservation status update will advise the customer of the confirmation of the booking or, in the case of non-availability, the customer will be sent a regret auto-email and an SMS message.

Book now ( (kindly create hyperlink for book now)



Email is another popular mode of reservation for Al Majlis services. An email sent to will be reviewed and acknowledged within 20 minutes of receipt and a further confirmation email will be sent out within three hours of receipt of the email request.

Kiosk and Walk-in

A kiosk is located in the reception area for easy access and assistance booking related. It has a flexible feature of accepting different modes of payment, including cash and credit card.

Walk-in clients can now book easily through the kiosk or face-to-face with a dedicated reservation agent around the clock.

Opening an account

Membership accounts must be set up by all customers. To facilitate this, customers are required to fill a simple online registration to receive a membership number.

For corporate or company clients, these accounts are necessary to maintain credit facilities and ease volume transactions. Corporate clients who wish to start a membership are also requested to submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of the company trade license.

  2. A bank guarantee letter (to the specified amount).

  3. The authorisation letter from the company specifying the key contact.

Once the required documents have been submitted, the customer will be advised within three working days.

Credit Card Payments

All major credits are accepted as payment for the services. Payments will only be confirmed for bookings made for services beyond 24 hours.

It is the responsibility of the customer to supply the correct credit billing address and/or cardholder information. The confirmation of service is dependent on the accuracy of the details provided and may be delayed in the case of errors in the credit card details.



Terms and conditions

All reservations should be made 24 hours prior to your flight.

  • Ensure you provide the correct spelling of all passenger names. This helps you and your guests to recognise names on the boards that our staff display at the gates. In case guests fail to identify their names, and therefore are not met at the gate, they will still be charged in full.

  • Cancellations, or a change in the number of passengers in a group, must be made 24 hours prior to your travel time otherwise full charges are applicable.

  • Amendments to flights are subject to reconfirmation and Al Majlis availability.

  • On-hold reservations (those cancelled 24 hours prior to a flight) will be valid for three months from the on-hold request. No refunds are made and a booking cannot be partially used.

  • For groups of three passengers or more, Al Majlis will provide a VIP coach for transfers to/from your gate.

  • Due to security reasons, the Al Majlis service is not available to guests travelling to the United States of America.

  • Original visas must be submitted in person to Al Majlis VIP Lounge counters three hours prior to flight arrival time.

  • Bank transfers need to be completed prior to arrival or departure. Bank transfers can take four to five workings days to be cleared and confirmed by Dubai Airports.

  • Complains should be emailed to no later than one week from the booking date.




Q1) Does making a booking with Al Majlis guarantee that the service will be provided?

All service requests will be responded to within one hour and are subject to availability on the day.

Q2) Why is there a need for the passenger to pre-register for the Al Majlis service?

All Al Majlis customers are required to make a one-time registration. This is to screen the profile of the passengers and ensure the privacy of the customers that use the Al Majlis service. At the time of registration a few basic are collected and reviewed by the membership team and responded to within 24 hours. This information will be saved to make the customers future booking faster and easier.

Q3) Does booking Al Majlis service entitle the passenger to airline benefits such as upgrades and excess baggage allowances?

All airline preferences or special requests must be communicated directly and agreed directly between the airline and customer.

Q4) Why is there a need to submit credit card details when booking?

You will be asked for credit card details when you book but no money will be debited from your account until the booking is confirmed. Credit Accounts are available on request and there is a process and a series of checks which must be completed in order to qualify for this.

Q5) Can passengers that report late for a flight, and refused by the airline, request for a refund?

It is the customer’s responsibility to report on time for a flight and as such will not be entitled for any refund. For exceptional situations that require a review, the duty officer may ask the customer to refer to These referrals must be followed by an incident report.

Q6) Can no-show passenger request for a refund?

No refunds are applicable for no-show passengers and will be charged the full amount.

Q7) Can passengers that advise cancellation, prior to 24 hours of the flight, opt to hold the payment with us?

Yes we have the option of holding the booking for a maximum of three months. Customers that cancelled bookings prior to 24 hours are entitled to a complete refund if there is no wish to book within three months of cancellation.