Corporate responsibility

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    Air transport is fundamental to Dubai’s social and economic development and welfare. It comprises 28% of GDP. And our airports are vital in creating a lasting, positive impression for tourists and residents alike: 95% of travellers arrive or depart the UAE by air.

    Dubai Airports' corporate social responsibility platform rests on five pillars:

    1. Community involvement

    A proud member of the community, we seek to:

    • Promote the health and well being of Dubai residents
    • Celebrate national culture and development
    • Play an important, positive role in cultural and creative life

    Typical initiatives:

    • We enthusiastically sponsor the Emirati Writers Stand at the annual Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.
    • Every year, donation boxes across our airports gather hundreds of thousands of dirhams for Dubai Cares. This helps improve primary education access in 28 countries.
    • Support the efforts of ORBIS – flying eye hospital by hosting their aircraft, raising awareness in the community.

    2. Customer care

    Working closely with our stakeholders, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, and create an experience they will enjoy – again and again. That means setting standards for service excellence, innovating and learning from global best practice, and being a leader.

    For example:

    • In recent years we’ve invested in processes and systems to ease passengers through the airport, including state-of the-art information zones.
    • Our May I Help You team is always on hand to assist, from the moment someone steps into the airport until they board the plane – and vice versa.

    3. Ethical conduct

    We strive to conduct business with honesty, integrity and respect for all our partners.

    4. Employee care

    We seek to maintain a healthy work environment by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, and providing a fulfilling and rewarding career for all.

    We also strongly support nationalisation through succession planning, training and career development.

    In recent years, we’ve continued to refine our employee offering and implement initiatives that meet business needs in the most efficient and effective manner. These include a new portfolio of globally accredited training courses, and an impressive array of employee benefits.

    5. Environment & sustainability

    We’re committed to running our business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We strive to ensure our processes and products have minimal adverse environmental impact (commensurate with the legitimate needs of the business). And we encourage our employees to develop a sustainable approach to their work.

    Typical initiatives:

    • We collect and recycle thousands of tonnes of paper, carton, plastic and aluminum cans across our airports.
    • We’ve recently implemented more efficient lighting, inside the airport and on the airfield.
    • We now use flow arrestors to control water use.

    In addition we support:

    • The Supreme Council of Energy, in implementing the Dubai integrated energy strategy 2030
    • The airports council international’s policy on climate change
    • Our industry’s target of carbon-neutral growth by 2020