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Packing correctly can save you time (and money) at the airport. Here are the basic rules to follow, plus some further tips.


  • Generally two pieces of baggage are allowed for international travel, with the total weight not exceeding 32kg. However this may vary by airline and fare type. Check with your airline before you fly.
  • Baggage larger than 90cm long, 75cm high and 60cm wide, or that does not have a single flat surface, will need to be checked in at the oversized baggage counter. Please allow extra time to check-in oversize baggage.
  • Excess baggage must be repacked. Excess baggage fees typically apply.

Given recent changes to policy, in cases of highly suspicious packed goods, the General Department of Airport Security (GDAS) now has the authority to open bags in order to identify and remove these items without the passenger present and that any associated damage is not the liability of GDAS.

General tips

  • Pack personal belongings in your hand luggage.
  • Keep a laptop where it can be easily reached: you’ll need to place it in a separate security tray at the security scan.
  • Always remove old baggage tags. They may cause the baggage system to reject the bag they’re attached to.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes. They need to be processed manually, which takes longer. And they’re not as durable. Don’t forget travel insurance.


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